Where once there was hope and life, sits a burned-out house and the memories of what was for a quarter century, a place of miracles, a sanctuary for equines.  The end of the equine sanctuary that once resided there was messy, inexcusable, and animated by what Booby Kennedy termed, "the darkest impulses of the human spirit" ...It was simply put, a tragedy. It demonstrates why Wild Horses and Burros in the west live such tenuous existences. And that is one reason why, the Circle of One Equine Sanctuary in Chino Valley, AZ and other groups like it, deserves your support.

Rescued animals still live a very tenuous existence. Imagine as noted above, a board of Phoenicians with no ties to the local community,  driving out the leader of a 150 resident organization that existed for a quarter century with no stated grounds. Imagine these same people choosing to resign at the same time, unwilling to address the consequences uninterested in their fate. Imagine the ringleader/ realtor still leaving animals in a place she claimed to despise while moving Heaven and Earth to get donors to stop buying feed, in order to “save” the animals by forced starvation. 

Imagine the same person, filing papers with a state corporation commission, listing a fake corporation board, and almost selling the property to an allied entity for a dollar. Imagine doing anything you can to keep animals from being adopted by loving homes, because it was not a dramatic enough ending or rebuke to the sanctuary founder.

Imagine an endgame hastened by the current Board President’s annual Italian Sojourn, and a roundup punctuated by cattle prods, roping techniques banned from rodeos, and the deaths of several healthy but the older animals for convenience sake. Picture the anger it must take for a woman to post negative comments on old stories about a place shut months ago. Or the cynicism of sending out fundraising appeals for a place after its closure, to pay old friends debt.

There was never a thought given to the creatures. Most are said to have been taken to Texas for no reason, in a cloud of obfuscation and deceit. No one has yet explained, why burros were sent to a state that has thousands of abandoned equines dying of drought, and home of a State Parks department committed to shooting burros whenever they can because of perceived overpopulation?  Was it to escape the questions that came afterward?  Was it to escape accountability, or simply to avoid speaking the truth as far as the fate of individual residents? 

Our friends once again found themselves victim to the same species that destroys so many things that wildlife need. Over the nearly one year their home was winding down, most all of the residents were offered homes, pastures, and local rescues were interested in assuming operations. Those seeking an adoption policy consistently were thwarted in favor of this Kafka- inspired and tragic end.

Many of us are still searching for our friends, trying to find their outcomes. Great efforts were made to obscure the true destination of residents, and nobody will say what really happened to so many. Their gather was executed without any effort to find out names, family groups, or backgrounds. Nobody asked seems willing to let us know the true outcomes for our friends, or really any of the herd. Their wall of silence makes one fear the worse. So do the threats that inevitably come whenever a person asks a question of these alleged humanitarians.

For many, there was a place to go, an escape plan from the uncertainty and terror, a place just around the corner, a forever home.  Sadly, the choices that were made that served ego and hate and the darker impulses of the human character. Though we cannot change history, we can support Wynne Zaugg and the Circle of One Equine Sanctuary and other equine rescues. A note from Circle of One follows.....



Like many non-profits, the first month or two of the year are more difficult, and the animal care and support are still very necessary.  
If you are willing and able to help now, please consider:

1) a call to our feed store, Warren's Hay 'N More, Chino Valley, 928-636-1303

or, a check or money order to
Circle of One Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 1184
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

or a donation via PayPal, link on our website

Thank you!!!
Wynne Zaugg

Executive Director

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