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I am looking forward to this being the last time I'll ever write about Michael Ted Levin. Though easily dismissed by his trolls and enablers as blind support for an opponent, my issue with Mendacious Mike is the moral hazard his campaign represents. The fact that people I care for are a member of the "Levin Eleven." is only part of the story. I'm interested in seeing him go down because I have objected to the way he played the game. Unlike the army of keyboard warriors out there in the 49th Congressional District, I first brought it up when he spoke at my local Democratic Club in early 2017. 
My defense of his opponents has always been driven by the fact that each has been the subject of a dirty whisper campaign that is vile and unethical. It's no accident that Levin's campaign plateaued after he tried to throw out eleven progressive delegates in San Diego County.  It's no accident that the two Democratic campaigns who have not gone negative are running on…

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